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Jim Thomas Discusses Customer Service in the Modern Age

A recent survey showed more than 60% of consumers had interacted with a customer service chatbot within the past year; however, less than 50% said they would be willing to do it again. AI has become a vital technology in numerous business sectors, including customer service and many experts believe it is the future of the customer service industry. Major businesses such as Starbucks, Verizon, MasterCard, and The Wall Street Journal are now using AI chatbots, with many soon to follow. The question must be asked, why are customers not on board? Jim Thomas, an Atlanta, Georgia area Senior Executive and Advisor has noted the advancements within the customer service industry and believes the change has a number of benefits to businesses while also creating additional challenges. Today, James Thomas of Atlanta will discuss some of the advantages and disadvantages of the use of AI within customer service. 


One of the largest ways AI chatbots help customer service teams is by increasing efficiency. A large portion of customer service interactions are answering basic questions that can be found on the company website. AI chatbots help answer repetitive customer questions and can answer up to 80% of routine inquiries about orders, account information, and store hours. This helps increase customer service agents’ overall morale, who can then focus on more complex questions from customers. 

AI Intelligence 

Perhaps one of the most valuable aspects of artificial intelligence is its ability to learn. While aiding customers, AI bots also collect data and track customer questions, answers, and analyze that information for future use. By doing so, AI can learn what answers work best for certain interactions and help to slowly increase customer satisfaction. By investing in AI, businesses will see yearly improvements within AI customer service and collect useful information regarding customers’ concerns. While AI technology may not currently meet customer expectations, AI has the potential to improve drastically in the near future. 

Customer Frustration 

In the last few years, a large number of customers have reported frustration with customer service AI interactions. AI response times, unhelpful answers, and the inability to speak with a human are the most common reasons for customer complaints. For customers contacting a business with a problem or concern, interacting with an AI chatbot can drastically increase their frustrations and exasperate the situation. Many customers are looking to engage with a human that can empathize with their frustrations and make them feel heard. 

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