Jim Thomas Atlanta

Jim Thomas Atlanta

Jim Thomas has established a reputation within his industry for his keen eye for recognizing how businesses can leverage their strengths to scale their operations. The continued impact that the current health crisis is having on businesses across industries is unprecedented but, through it all, some entities are realizing that there is room to expand their scope. While not every step towards scaling during this time is actionable for all businesses, Jim Thomas of Atlanta recognizes that there are key ways that some businesses have been able to facilitate growth.

Jim Thomas recognizes that one of the most important facets of scaling a business amidst the uncertainty of the pandemic is a well-constructed plan of action. The reality of the situation is that scaling may not be a reality for a business right now, as several industries have been dealt a devastating blow to their access to capital. In those cases, it would certainly be a great idea for administration to consider methods that emphasize maintaining a balance that can keep the business afloat and performing optimally. According to Jim Thomas of Atlanta, businesses that have realized there is the opportunity to scale due to preferable market placement or serendipity should consider all the logistics that will need to be in place to facilitate growth.  How will the business keep up with the demands of more clients? How will the business properly handle a growing employee network? In addition to considering the obvious logistics, companies should also include contingencies for adaptions that may need to be made due to further shifts in consumer behaviors and market stability.

To successfully scale in the current landscape, Jim Thomas of Atlanta acknowledges that there needs to be a strong emphasis on the protection of employees. The most common way that we have noticed this being facilitated is through channels that enable staff that can perform their tasks at home to work remotely. After all, for businesses that are small to mid-sized, just a few employees contracting the virus could lead to a complete derailment of plans to foster a state of normalcy. Entities that have found ways to move at least some of their staff to remote work, of course, need to be sure that the infrastructure to support such work is strong and viable. Employees are the face of the company and ensuring that they are empowered to provide quality work is a foundational aspect of scaling in any context.

An emphasis on digital channels can assist with business scaling in other manners as well. For example, businesses that have funds that can be allocated to digital marketing may find that it is the perfect way to drive more sales to their business for scaling. Jim Thomas of Atlanta realizes there are several reasons that this may help certain businesses with growth. For starters, several individuals are spending more time online and may have a better chance of noticing ads for your business’s services. Businesses that used to get more clientele from foot traffic and people perusing the area may not be seeing the growth they would like due to people going out for that purpose much less. By shifting focus to online, the opportunity for growth may present itself. This is particularly the case for businesses that contribute products or services in line with current consumer trends.

While it seems simple, emphasizing your commitment to quality customer care is one of the viable methods to facilitate growth. After all, Jim Thomas of Atlanta notes that it is hard to scale in any meaningful way if current retention is poor due to lack of customer service. Businesses with good customer service may continue to keep their head above water in the current climate, but those with great customer service can seize the opportunity to expand when it presents itself.

Jim Thomas recognizes the importance of collaboration and dissemination of information during times that are tough on all of us. As such, this site will stand as a resource for him to expound upon topics such as current trends, actionable scaling methods, and how to recognize the existence of the opportunity to expand.